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Firmware 1881 on my new Falcon II 64GB and slowish speeds?

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  • Firmware 1881 on my new Falcon II 64GB and slowish speeds?

    Last week I bought 2 Falcon II 64GB for replacement drives in both my and my wife's laptop as the boot drive.

    I am quite happy with the speed, but I don't seem to be getting the full speed it's capable of. running HD Tune I'm only averaging 98MB/s and peaking at 115MB/s, much less than g.skill advertise and much less than I see other people getting out of their Falcon IIs on HD Tune

    When I look at the details, it's showing a firmware of 1881, but google, after google, I can't find any firmware release for 1881, and no one I've seen online has been running it. I've seen the threads about the drop in performance with previous firmware, with the enablement of TRIM support, but this seems to have dropped too far. Don't know if it's the drive, firmware, chipset, software etc issue

    I'm getting the same speed on both laptops, both were rebuilt with clean Windows 7 installs. I've gone through and updated the Intel SATA drivers and was pretty much the same. I've now gone through with DriverMax and updated all my laptop drivers to the latest version and same result. I have a desktop running Win 7 RC that at some stage I can put the drive in and test that, but just haven't gotten their yet

    Laptop specs are:
    Dell 1720
    2.4Ghz Core 2 CPU
    3GB Ram
    Falcon II 64GB
    Samsung 320GB 5400RPM second internal drive

    Any help/ideas would be appreciated

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    Are you sure your laptop are SATA-2 ?


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      Thought it was SATA II, but looks like it's only SATA I, so that would explain it



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        IF you want to enable SATA 2 + AHCI without re installing windows, you can follow that


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          Looking through the intel doco for the chipset, it seems to support SATA 2. Found a post where a guy changed his setup from AHCI Mode (which I'm currently running) to ATA mode and went from 134MB/s to 200 MB/s, so it must be SATA 2

          Will try that when I have some time to backup my machine as an image


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            Thanks SuperMatt. I had a bit of a look at this link, but I can't see anywhere that enables SATA 2