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Can I take desktop parts with me when I fly to Canada?

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  • Can I take desktop parts with me when I fly to Canada?

    I am from London and will study in Canada. I will fly in a week, and the thought suddenly occurs to me whether it is possible to take the details of my desk with me as checked baggage.

    I have disassembled my parts from the chassis/ case and will bring only those that I need. I put them in the original boxes/packaging.
    To be precise, these are the following points:
    The motherboard included with the processor and the SSD is still connected to it.
    boxed GPU
    boxed RAM
    Does it depend on the airline?
    I appreciate any answer that helps, thank you very much!

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    Usually, it’s ok to have gadgets with you on the plane. You are not allowed to put them into the luggage, but you can put them into the hand luggage and have it with you. But you need to check the airline’s guidelines to ensure it’s safe. And also the guidelines of Canadian customs, even though they usually don’t check you upon arrival. Generally, you are allowed to have any electronics you want, but the batteries should be removed from cameras and things like that. Again, check the guidelines. If you are flying business class, you might even use it while flying because you will have enough space.
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      Wishing you a safe and enjoyable journey, both with your desktop parts and on your future travels!


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        When it comes to flying with desktop parts, it's always a good idea to check the airline's guidelines and regulations to ensure a smooth travel experience. Generally, you can bring computer parts in your carry-on or checked luggage, but it's important to pack them securely to prevent any damage.


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          I'm planning a trip to Canada myself (super excited to explore!), and maybe I'll want to upgrade my rig when I get back.Carrying a tower through security sounds like a hassle, but shipping it separately feels risky – like tempting fate, you know? I'd love to hear some real-world experiences.Anyone out there flown with desktop parts in their carry-on? Did security give you a hard time? Or maybe shipping worked out great for you?
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