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Thought I had a duffer!

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  • Thought I had a duffer!

    I was really excited to receive my 64GB Falcon a few days ago, But upon plugging it in, it was recognised wrong!.
    I Finally found my way here, registered, only to wait several days to be able to post :-/

    Luckily I figured out the issue myself, So thought I'd post for others, as a point of reference!

    After I plugged the drive in, It got reported back (BIOS) as a YATAPDONG BAREFOOT 128GB drive Thought my luck was in and i got sent a 128GB drive... But instead of being a dumbass, I found (elsewhere seeing as i couldn't download firmwares from here ) the 1571 firmware set.

    Booted into MiniXP using Hirens BootCD 5.7, Flashed.. and it said it'd completed.

    Removed jumper, Rebooted, still said YATAPDONG BAREFOOT 128GB :/ Decided I'd try anyway to initialize the disc in diskmanagement (diskmgmt.msc) and it failed... By now thinking i'd screwed up something beyond repair, and feeling somewhat physically ILL, On went the jumper again, and another re-flash...

    STILL failed... Almost to the point of throwing up, I decided to remove ALL drives from the system, and make the SSD primary master (it was Primary slave previously)... Turned on, and got greeted with G.SKILL FALCON 64GB

    From then on I felt a little less ill, re-jumpered, and flashed once again...Seemed to go fine (as it had previously!)

    Booted into windows 7 again, and opened diskmanagement, and behold it ALLOWED me this time to initialize the disk!... So went into the command prompt, and gave diskpart some work to do, cleaned, partitioned with a 1MB alignment (heard lower figures work as low as 128? so thought 1MB should be more than enough!). Formatted quick with NTFS.

    Everything was perfect from then on!... After much sweating from nerves and anxiety!

    G.Skill have a stunning drive on their hands (posted my benches in the forum too), but the `manuals`, support, and forum activation are enough to drive even a HARDCORE enthusiast away to `another` brand, even though the hardware is IDENTICAL!