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MX780 Mouse Freezing Issues on PS4

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  • MX780 Mouse Freezing Issues on PS4

    Hi everyone,

    I recently obtained a Ripjaws MX780 mouse to provide better performance than my old cheap Amazon mouse. I use my mechanical keyboard and mouse to play on my PS4[slim] with no issues. When I started using the mouse with the same keyboard, it would be pretty smooth except for the slightly added latency that I couldn't explain. I didn't have the latency with the old mouse. So I'm playing Fortnite, and I notice that at random times, the mouse will just freeze and moving it doesn't do anything on screen for .5-1 second. Seeing it happen multiple times has led me to notice that it is connected to keyboard activity. Nevertheless, the freezing makes the experience unplayable as Fortnite is fast-paced. Note that there is native support from Fortnite for keyboard and mouse input instead of a controller, and I am not using any adapter to mimic a controller. The peripherals are just connected via the USB ports on the PS4.

    Edit: I have also begun noticing the same stutter/freezing on my PC, even when my keyboard is not in use. Suspecting that this is a hardware issue :/