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RIPJAWS KM780 MX RED volume slider problem

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  • RIPJAWS KM780 MX RED volume slider problem

    Hello, i recently purchased a gskill ripjaws km 780 keyboard and ive been having a weird problem with the volume slider, when i up the volume (or make it go down) it will get stuck with the signal making it go to maximum or minimum depending on the way i slid it before it gets stuck (windows detects the volume to be moving and if i change the volume with the mouse it will go down pretty fast), the only way to make it stop is by disconnecting it and reconnect it again, however if i try to change the volume again it has the same problem, there are sometimes when it works ok but for no apparent reason it starts again, ive tried with and without the most recent program for the keyboard on the gskill webpage, could it be a hardware issue?
    Thanks in advance

    Edit, when the volume changing freezes its hard to use the windows key, as if its fighting to send the signal between volume and windows key

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