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KM780 MX Macro - Wont work

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  • KM780 MX Macro - Wont work

    I'm trying to make a macro for walking/running in games with your G buttons. I made a macro that is W pressed down, which is walk in basically every game, and I set the macro to be turn on/off on press. When I try to use this Macro in any game, all the character will do is stutter step, as if I'm rapidly pushing the button and letting go, which is definitely not what I told the macro to do, I told it to press down W the whole time the macro is active.

    I can "fix" it by adding a release of W and putting a delay in. However this isn't a real fix as it doesn't actually work either. Whatever delay is put in the macro executes even if I turn off the macro, and once the delay is over you stutter step. So if I made a 5 minute walk macro, and I got to where I wanted to be at 3 minutes, I have to wait the 2 minutes left after turning the macro off before I actually get control again. If I make the delay 1 second I stutter step everywhere.

    Can you please fix your toggle macro on/off function?! Right now it's just another Play Multiple Times option which is just ridiculous.