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  • Technical problem

    Hi, sorry for my english, i'll try to do my best.
    I wanted to ask because the other day i updated the Firmware and software of my keyboard and now the USB pass trough don't work. I have a problem too with the mr and profile keys. They are everytime lighted and only show me the real status when i press one of them, but this only last four seconds and everything lights on again. The most important for me at this moment is to solve the usb problem, my computer don't recognize anything plugged at this port.

    This is my information:

    1. Software 0.104 Firmware 57.
    2. Yes, the problem started with the last update.
    3. Keyboard KM780 RGB Spanish Cherry MX Brown
    4. My OS is Windows 7 64 bits.
    5. It is connected at rear port 3.0
    6. Motherboard Asus Rampage V Extreme.
    7. Avast free Antivirus.
    8. Mouse Sentey Revolution Pro, Headset Razer Tiamat 7.1

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Xalax,

    There seems to be two issues:

    1) USB passthrough not working

    Please make sure that both USB connectors are connected to your system.

    2) Status lighting for the MR, mode switch, and function keys (windows key lock, brightness, timer)

    After adding the feature to customize RGB colors to the top row function keys and media control keys, these keys will show customized color lighting, and only show its real status for about 3-4 seconds when settings are changed.

    We may update the software in the future to allow these top row keys to display status only.

    Kindly try the above solutions, and let us know if you still have connection problem with the USB passthrough. Thank you!


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      Hi Admin, thanks for the answer!

      Look, i have both USB connected at rear port.
      I probed change them to other ports, but the problem persist.

      Thanks, it's good to know is not a problem :P


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        About the USB passthrough problem, the firmware should not interfere with the USB passthrough function.

        One way you can make sure is to connect the secondary USB connector (the one without the keyboard icon on the USB plug) to a USB 3.0 port, while disconnecting the main keyboard USB connector, then try a USB flash drive. If your system can detect the flash drive and shows up in "My Computer", then the USB passthrough is working.

        The current issue is likely a power issue, caused by one of the following:
        1) There may be too many USB devices connected to the USB hub. Please try removing other non-essential USB devices and see if the USB passthrough will work.
        2) The device connected to the USB passthrough may have a high power requirement, such as external hard drives, external disc drives or mouse with LED lighting. These USB devices require a higher USB power source, so we recommend connecting these directly to the system.

        Ideally, if you're using the passthrough often, try this:
        Main keyboard USB connector --> USB 2.0 or 3.0 in motherboard rear panel
        Secondary keyboard USB connector --> USB 3.0 in motherboard rear panel

        If you're still having trouble, please let us know what you're trying to connect through the USB passthrough, which USB ports are you using (USB hub or motherboard back panel, and USB 2.0 or 3.0?), and which other USB devices are connected to the same hub or motherboard back panel.

        Please let us know what you've tried and if your issue is resolved. The final resort would be to request an RMA replacement for your keyboard. Thanks.


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          Hi again!
          Thanks for the answer, i followed the steps.
          Look, the USB passthrough didn't work being the only cable connected.
          I try every device, the only wich works is a joystick controller for pc, the 2.0 pendrives connects and disconnects every second and the 3.0 pendrives didn't work at all.
          I have the keyboard with both USB connected to the motherboard back panel, at 3.0 ports.
          I have at the same back panel 1 USB for headset's alimentation, 1 USB for mouse, 1 USB for Webcam and 1 USB for external card reader. But with all these unplugged didn't work yet.
          I check it in another PC if it could be a problem of drivers or something like that, but occurs exactly the same.


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            I want to know if you has some other suggestion to me or if i should request an RMA where i bought it.


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              We're out of suggestions for the USB issue. The USB passthrough line might be faulty and worn out too quickly. Please do request an RMA from where you purchased the keyboard.

              Thank you.