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Any plans to release memory with EXPO profiles for AMD Zen 4 / AM5?

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    Looks like at least CL32-38-38-96 64 GB kit is listed! (I don't see it in stores yet though).

    Non RGB 30-40-40-96 one isn't listed yet, but there is RGB one.
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      Another question about 64 GB kits. Since they are dual channel and Zen 4 favors 2 sticks set up, will 32 GB be faster than 64 GB or they are comparable?


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        Yes, less capacity is slightly quicker and DRAM specs are slightly better. Naturally, higher capacity requires more refresh time, latency, and memory locations to access. However if you need the capacity then it is simply something that needs to be accepted. It would not be a significant slow down, in fact most people likely would not notice a difference.


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          If comparing, does increase in memory bandwidth in DDR5 when used with Zen 4 compensate for lack of quad channel when comparing to optimal spot for DDR4 with Zen 3?

          I.e. to put it differently, will let's say 2x32 GB 6000 MT/s DDR5 with Zen 4 be faster than 2x16 GB 3600 MT/s DDR4 with Zen 3 or the same or even slower still? (Assuming comparing options with lowest offered latencies for those kits).
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            Zen 3 DDR4 does not have quad channel so DDR5 Zen 4 would surely be better.

            Even with higher capacities and latency, DDR5-6000 with Zen 4 will be faster than DDR4 Zen 3.


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              If comparing 64 GB and 32 GB kits like these:

              64 GB model lists voltage as 1.40V.

              32 GB: 1.35V

              What is the difference in power consumption for them in Watts in the sense of planning what power supply to use?


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                The power consumption of dram is very negligible compared to other components like a CPU or GPU. We are talking a couple of watts per module at full synthetic load.

                Regarding these two models, the 64GB kit will require slightly more power, due to the additional ICs required to build 32GB modules and the higher E.X.P.O. voltage.
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                  Yeah, I get that it's just a small amount of power, but it would be interesting to have more precise values. Things add up overall.