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Ram Stick Randomly Stopped Working.

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  • Ram Stick Randomly Stopped Working.

    Main Components:

    Motherboard: Asus x470-F GAMING

    CPU: Ryzen 3900x

    Ram: G.Skill 32gb 3000mhz

    So long story short, out of nowhere after 4 months of use, my new build had a freeze and upon rebooting, my motherboard DRAM warning lighted up, stating that something was wrong. I found it quite odd and for the next few days, my PC kept constantly rebooting with that DRAM light and getting stuck on a boot loop with a black screen.

    Maybe the stick was defective? so I took both of them out and put them back in, it booted but after a while same problem. so I only inserted one booted... I stressed tested it a little bit and had no issues.

    Inserted the other stick in single boot, so it seems that one stick is defective right?

    Well maybe? Because upon testing it on another PC(intel based one) that stick worked perfectly, single and in dual. This left me speechless....however only for a while, after 2 days of use that pc started having issues as well to a point that it stops booting with that particular stick altogether.

    While I was still able to boot the pc wit that particular stick, I updated BIOS, set it to default, did a clean CMOS... and anything else I could update, I also did a memtest with no errors.
    I've since read that Aura Sync could potentially damage the ram SPD for some weird reason and would make sense as to why it suddenly started to deteriorate.

    Motherboard and CPU seem perfectly fine since I've tested with another kit of ram from my brother PC and works perfectly.

    Is there any way I can fix this without resorting to RMA(taking in mind I cannot boot with that stick installed) RMA can prove to be quite a hassle or impossible for the foreseeable future.

    Thank you.

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    That is quite a strange issue, however if even default will not run consistently, we can only assume there may be an issue with the module so RMA is necessary to see if a replacement can be more consistent.

    Where are you located? RMA is fairly quick and hassle free.