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Help with DDR 4 G.skill Trident Z F4-4800c19D-16GTZRC

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  • Help with DDR 4 G.skill Trident Z F4-4800c19D-16GTZRC

    need help
    Intel I7 10700 KF cpu
    Msi Z590 Pro Mobo
    G.skill Trident Z F4-4800c19D-16GTZRC

    will not boot with said memory Kit
    will boot with 32 gb kit of G.skill Trident Z 4000 C18 22 22 42 and run stable no issues
    Checked Qvl on msi web site the 4800 kit was listed / updated bios on mobo to newest one
    16 gb kit of 4800C19 will not boot what so ever - i have tried manually setting speed /disabled xmp profile- set voltage manually to 1.5 and timmings as well
    epic fail all around and i missing something?

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    Have you tried one module at a time? If neither can boot up at all with AUTO default settings, return them for RMA


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      it boots to the jedec but not post at 4800, can set to 4000 and runs fine - manually closed up the timings -
      it just will not run at 4800 mhz manually or xmp ,
      now the 32 gb 4000 kit i have is pristine ,rock solid from day 1
      this 16 gb kit is 800 mhz faster , and i dont feel like over volting the cpu's imc , i might just have to wait till i get a 11 th gen cpu and better Z590 chipset


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        Unfortunately it is likely necessary, even not all 11th gen CPUs can natively support DDR4-4800.

        Individual testing can help provide more insight to where the limitation may be so you can consider that to further troubleshoot and confirm results.


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          Yeah, it might very well be the CPU.

          Try decreasing frequency from 4800 step by step with the XMP enabled and see what your limit is. Sometimes the highest frequency that does reliably POST can be hard to stabilize, however the next one down is often very little work or already stable out of the box.

          Since you mentioned the IMC voltage:
          It is probably also not a bad idea to manually adjust the voltages for VCCSA (System Agent) and VCCIO just in case the board badly overshoots them on AUTO, like they tend to do. Also can solve POST issues and helps a bit with CPU temperatures, so it is generally a worthwhile time investment.

          If you already configured them manually, higher frequencies will require more SA/IO voltage than DDR4-4000. So in that case they actually have to be raised accordingly.
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            was able to successfully post and run a stable environment @ 4666 Mhz C19 @ 1.5 v with the Trident Z 4800C19 kit.
            Thanks for all the insight