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Asrock B450-HDV and Aegis F4-2400C15-16GIS

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  • masterdude
    Yes I installed Bios v 1.70 (AMD AGESA to which is the latest to date... What do you mean by hard reset? Clear CMOS jumper?

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    1.26V is fine.

    Do you have the latest BIOS? Hard reset BIOS then try again. But otherwise they should work fine with 1.20V

    You have lifetime warranty so you can use them now and if any problem just send to us for exchange.

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  • masterdude
    started a topic Asrock B450-HDV and Aegis F4-2400C15-16GIS

    Asrock B450-HDV and Aegis F4-2400C15-16GIS

    I recently upgraded my config to this : AMD Ryzen 5 2600 on Asrock B450-HDV with 2 modules of G.Skill Aegis F4-2400C15-8GIS working on dual mode. Got all from the same vendor in one single order, and this vendor is used to warn when there are compatibility issues, so I went confident. I opened the packs and mounted my rig, and all was fine until I started getting BSODs right after I activate Windows again. I hadn't even started overclocking anything...

    From there on I spent 2 weeks troubleshooting before I RMA anything...

    These BSOD had several different codes, sometimes no code at all, they would most of the time happen in idle mode. Here's what I tried:
    - reseat or swap memory modules : didn't help
    - test one module in slot A : no more crash!
    - test the other module in slot B : no crash either
    - retest both modules : BSOD

    From there on I thought this memory only works in single mode so why do they sell it as a dual mode kit?
    - reached the vendor to ask for any advice : he's ready to take back memory, but did not try to explain or propose any other solution.

    As I'm trying to understand I did another last test : change the RAM voltage from 1.200V to 1.260V, by 0.010 increments, and bingo! 1.260V fixed it!

    Now come my questions :
    - do you think I should let this memory work at 1.260V ?
    - can there be any hardware problem that would explain this voltage requirement for stability ?
    - would you return the memory to the vendor, or any other component ?

    Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts