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X299 Asus ROG Rampage Extreme and i9-7900x —> which DDR4 Ram?

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  • X299 Asus ROG Rampage Extreme and i9-7900x —> which DDR4 Ram?

    Dear all

    I need your help - as Im a little bit lost.

    I ordered an i9-7900x wit an Asus ROG x299 Rampage Extreme mainboard allowing DDR4 up to 4200+ and more.

    So what I want is G.Skill RGB RAM and 32GB.

    As this is a quad channel board i will need to go for 4x8GB.

    Now my question: What would you recommend? Your precious help is welcome.

    Thirst I wanted to buy this Dual-Channel kit twice time to get 32GB:

    G. Skill RGB: 2x8GB 4266 with CL19-19-19-39

    Couple of days I have seen a new kit coming out in december for quad channel (but I need them now):

    G.Skill RGB: 4x8GB 4200 with CL19-23-23-43-43

    Whats the difference? Are this guaranteed timings for quad channel? So if I would go with twice dual-channel now - I would need to optimize timings?

    Alternatively I could go with quad channel kits:

    G.Skill RGB: 4x8GB 3600 CL16-16-16-32


    G.Skill RGB: 4x8GB 3866 CL18-19-19-39

    Thx for your feedbacks.

    Best, Jedimaster

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    3600 kit uses the best chips on the market, so that may be what you want


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      I know I am a little late but I have the Trident Z CL16 kit and I can confirm it is a great kit. I have a Asus Rampage VI Apex with a i9-7980XE. See memory OC below.