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F3-12800CL8T-6GBRM on Rampage Extreme III

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  • F3-12800CL8T-6GBRM on Rampage Extreme III

    Hi, what settings do I have to change in BIOS to get my Ripjaws to run at the advertised speed of 8-8-8-24 2N

    I have

    CPU: i7 930
    MB: Asus Rampage Extreme III
    Ram: GSKILL 6 GB (2x3GB) RIpjaws F3-12800CL8T-6GBRM

    I can change my frequency times properly I'm a little confused as how to change the latency and clock settings as 1st 2nd and 3rd information setting under DRAM timing control is extremely over my head.

    I want to set my Ram at 1.6 which works but I'm not changing any memory controller setting or better I don't know how to. Do i have to overclock the cpu to get this ram up to 1600mhz?

    what other settings have to be changed or set differently after upping the ram?

    Any help would be appreciated guys, if u need pics of the bios let me know.
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    Set Ai Overclock Tuner to XMP, and everything will be set for you. =)

    Thank you