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New RAM compatibility issue?

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  • New RAM compatibility issue?

    Fairly new to this. Was gifted an older rig, wanted to add new RAM. Old RAM in black ports, new RAM in gray ports. Won't start up, constant beeping and restarting. Tried running with just 1 stick of new RAM, resetting BIOS, same issue. Old RAM pictured on top, new RAM pictured on bottom. Are these simply not compatible? or am I just dumb and missing something?
    MOBO: gigabyte b85m-ds3h
    CPU: intel i3-4150

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    Different SKU, different IC manufacturer, different density. Quite possible they are just not compatible with each other. It happens a lot when you combine older and newer kits, since most dram ICs are produced / are only available for a certain time and eventually need to be replaced.

    Try clearing CMOS and using only the two new modules in the primary slots. After activating the XMP and testing the system for stability, manually set the frequency and timings (esp tRFC) before adding the older kit in the secondary slots. That tends to work, because lower density kits usually won't have issues with the timings of higher density ones.
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