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F3-1866C8Q-32GTX TridentX ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 AMD FX 8320

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  • Tradesman
    Guessing you got them from the Egg, can go to their site, request an RMA as two are defective and make sure to ask for a return shipping label (you shouldn't have to pay to return defective, but they will prob expect you to unless you say otherwise

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  • itsasony
    I have placed each of these 8GB cards in the primary memory slot near CPU and booted each separately. Discovered that only two of the four actually work. The PC will not boot with each of the two bad cards. It hasnt been 30 days yet since purchase, wonder what I do to get them replaced?

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  • Tradesman
    First, do you have the latest BIOS? Next the BIOS isn't seeing all the DRAM, which may be why Win doesn't see it. I'd make sure you have the latest BIOS (can find it here:

    or if you already have it, pull three of the sticks (leaving the one closest to the CPU, make sure that boots, then shut down and clear the CMOS. Reinstall all four sticks firmly, pressing them evenly till the clips lock on by themselves. Then try and boot and go to BIOS, note if they come up as 1333 or 1600. Then if all show up I'd initially try enabling DOCP and select 1600 (to start anyway, I have doubts you'll be able to run 32GB at 1866) so if we start at 1600 we'll have a go point to work from. Then see if you can boot into Windows and see if all 32GB are showing up and let me know, if out and about tonight I'll be in and out for another few hours

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  • F3-1866C8Q-32GTX TridentX ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 AMD FX 8320

    Havent been able to arrange this config to get all 32 GB active. Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit is showing 32GB installed (15.9GB usable) and BIOS is only showing 16368 MB (DDR3 1704MHz):
    • DOCP
    • CPU Ratio 17.5
    • Turbo Core AUTO
    • DRAM Profile DDR3 1600MHz
    • CPUBus Freq 213
    • CPU & NB Voltage | Offset + 0.10 ( 1.464V real) | Offset Sign + | CPU/NB Offset Voltage + 0.10 (1.312V real)
    • CPU VDDA Voltage AUTO (2.507V real)
    • DRAM Voltage 1.60 (1.580V real) + already increased to 1.6 manual set
    • NB Voltage 1.20 (1.220V real) + already increased to 1.2 manual set

      CPU 3761MHz (Autotuned-ASUS)
      NB Freq 2343 MHz
      HT Link 2343 MHz

    What is with Windows only activating 16GB? My MS WIN 7 Pro 64 Bit is installed fresh from OEM DVD and updated current.
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