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G.SKILL F2-5300PHU1-1GBSA problems

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  • G.SKILL F2-5300PHU1-1GBSA problems

    I recently bought two G.SKILL F2-5300PHU1-1GBSA cards for my Sony Vaio VGN-N385N laptop through Newegg. Using multiple different websites (including Newegg and Crucial), I was given what memory would be compatible, and then bought that memory. However, whenever I install the memory two different things can occur. The first and most common is the computer starting up and working, showing in My Computer and the BIOS startup utility that I have 2 gb installed, but in DXDiag and Task Manager it shows 1gb, and the computer shows no improvement from before (with 2x 512mb cards). Sometimes when I install it though the computer doesn't show any splash screen and just stays on with the the lock and power lights on. I have tried more than 10 times to install my RAM, including both new cards, both old cards, one new card, and one new card with one old (which I know is bad but I wanted to see its effect). No matter how I arrange the memory DXDiag and Task Manager show 1gb, while My Computer and the BIOS show whatever arrangement I have set up. I have seen in some threads that some notebooks can only have 1gb of RAM, yet the Crucial memory tool said my computer could utilize 2gb (1gb x 2). My computer is Windows Vista 32bit 1.78 ghz dual core. Is there something I can do to fix this problem or is it impossible like some people have been mentioning?

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    Make sure you have the latest BIOS, double check all the settings in BIOS to see if there are any to adjust memory remapping, otherwise if it supports 2GB, you should have no problems.

    Thank you


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      Unfortunately in the BIOS setup utility there are very few options, mainly bootup sequence and date. And also unfortunately, there are no BIOS updates for VGN-N385N, and I'm afraid to try and download another BIOS because of compatibility issues. Are there any tools I could use to adjust memory settings outside of BIOS, or that change the utility without an update?


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        Could take a look at MemSet, can be found here:

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