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Bios setting Advice for DDR2-800 set & other questions please

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  • Bios setting Advice for DDR2-800 set & other questions please

    Hi there. So I just did a fresh Win 7 32bit Prof install, and only now realized I can't install more than 4 gig, MS are truly morons.... Still debating whether to go 64bit, I guess I need a new printer anyway, not sure what other things might screw me with 64, I do only have 4 slots for Ram Dimms, currently I have 2 x 1gig Kingston ram and 3 x 2gig GSkill ram Dimms, and with my MB it says I can only get dual channel 2 ways, ONE matched pair OR one matched pair with and a DIMM on the other channel that is equal in size to the other 2. Find this very strange I can't install 2 matched pairs, which in my current case would be 6 gig at least, but then the Kingston ram wants 1.8V where GSkill wants 2V so not sure mixing them would work anyway (seems like it wouldn't and I would want to buy one more GSkill to get 8 ram total).

    Given all these limitations, I think for now anyway I am just going to run 2 of the 2 gig GSkill Dimms with Win 7 32 bit Prof

    My Specs:

    MOBO - Intel DQ45CB
    Chip - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66Ghz
    OS - Win 7 Prof 32 bit
    RAM - GSkill F2-6400CL4D-4GBPK DDR2 - 800 (want to use this, just bought it)

    Current ram - Kingston KVR800D2N5K2/2G 1.8V 2 x 1gig each


    1. How much more efficient/faster is Dual Channel vs Single anyway? Even if I go 64bit, if I install 8 Gig of Ram it will be Single Channel mode with my Mobo, seems crappy.

    2. My Mobo apparently wants SPD, and maybe even 1.8V memory, maybe the Gskill is NOT even compatible?? I wonder how strict that 1.8V parameter is here?

    To be fully compliant with all applicable Intel SDRAM memory specifications, the
    board should be populated with DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect (SPD)
    data structure. If your memory modules do not support SPD, you will see a
    notification to this effect on the screen at power up. The BIOS will attempt to
    configure the memory controller for normal operation.

    The Desktop Board supports the dual or single channel memory configurations defined
    Four 240-pin Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2) SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module
    (DIMM) connectors with gold-plated contacts
    Support for:
    ⎯ Non-ECC, 1.8 V, DDR2 800/667 MHz memory
    ⎯ Serial Presence Detect (SPD) memory only
    ⎯ Unbuffered, non-registered single- or double-sided DIMMs (except double-sided
    DIMMs with x16 organization)
    ⎯ Memory configurations listed below:
    Up to 2.0 GB utilizing 256 Mb technology
    Up to 4.0 GB utilizing 512 Mb or 1 Gb technology
    Up to 8.0 GB utilizing 1 Gb technology

    3. IF I should even use the Gskill, the main thing I want to know is what to change in BIOS after I install 2 of the Gskill dimms. Keep in mind I am a NOOB here, so very specific directions would be best

    Here is what is in my BIOS settings:

    SDRAM Control - Auto
    Current Mem Speed - 800
    Current Mem Setting - 5-5-5-18
    Reference Freq - Default
    Memory Freq - 800
    TCL - 5
    TRCD - 5
    TRP - 5
    TRASmin - 18
    Mem Voltage - 1.8
    Total Memory - 2048 MB
    Mem Mode - Dual

    Note SPD defined as Nominal [TCL] - TRCD - TRP - [TRASmin]


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    1. Theoretically double, so you definitely want dual channel.

    2. All DDR2 modules are 1.80V base, so there should be no issue with this.

    3. With that motherboard, your best bet is to leave everything AUTO with default settings.