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Best Settings 780i evga FTW - GSkill ddr2

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  • Best Settings 780i evga FTW - GSkill ddr2

    MB and all info in specs just upgraded bios finally to sz17's

    dumped my 4gb ocz reaper hcp 1066 modules [for sale work great still]

    Found last gaming memory on net for ddr2

    PC-8500 4x2gb = 8gb @1066 timings
    5-5-5-15 2T

    In Adv. Mem setting I have this and this is main question for my board

    running 2.025V

    tRRD 4
    tRC 27
    tWR 4
    tWTR 8
    tREF 7.8uS
    tRFC 127.5nS

    Are these close to recommended been pretty stable had some lockups not blue screens not lately anyways since I entered these just want the best settings for this mem for my board, plan on staying 5-5-5-15 2T as well
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    Anyone have a good timing set or should lave these to auto and manually run the 5-5-5-15 settings?

    Since post over come the 7 series SSD flaw with new 4port IO Crest PCIex16 SataIII 6gbps card works amazing
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      What model is the RAM? You may need to supply the full 2.10V for a stable system.


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        Modules are DDR2

        Really would like to know the best Expert timings too if anyone has a similar setup..
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          Originally posted by GSKILL TECH View Post
          What model is the RAM? You may need to supply the full 2.10V for a stable system.
          I will bump up the voltage .25 increments and see if there is any difference.
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            I'm sitting at 2.0V right now.

            Here is my cpuid info.

            I can easily push this cpu up to 4ghz with this board if needed or further if it was a E1 stepping class I doubt I would even be at 3.5 they were so bad, in game temps never go past 55C even at 4ghz on this old system.

            I noticed improvements in BF4 like my guy is so fast I can't get use to it lol, I may go to 2.1V but think it could still be better with expert timings or do you recommend me trying to to revert them to AUTO in bios and leave it at 5-5-5-15?

            Just don't wont to go overboard this was last ddr2 I could find and bouhtt it new over $200 plan on new MB, CPU, and up to date memory soon starting a business in first year so yeah lots of investments have this put to the side, even though this is a business PC in off time I like to play games.
            Kind of hard to tell the nvidia driver releases since 353s have at very least been pathetic and laggy and even using the new hotfix drivers they pushed out.

            Here is link to the page of my modules
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              My system went unstable a while. BSOD lockups.

              Sitting now fine bench marked / stressed my MAIN ISSUE is needing a good start point for expert timings to get the best out this memory.

              780i FTW Manual

              ** Advanced Memory Settings ** Searched and searched and come up with nothing but my thread on this.
              tRRD: ?
              tRC: ?
              tWR: ?
              tWTR: ?
              tFAW: ?
              tREF: ?
              tRFC: ?

              These have been my current settings stable for weeks now.

              I just adjusted a couple but here is my full specs!

              CPU Freq, MHz: [3400] 54C max air cooled
              FSB Reference Clock, MHz: P1600]
              CPU Multiplier: [8X]
              N2 Multi: PEnabled]
              PCle x16-1 & 16-2, MHz: [100]
              PCle x16-3, MHz: [100]
              SPPc->MCP Ref Clock, MHz: [Auto] for now been testing 200 setting
              nForce SPP --> nForce MCP: [5X]
              nForce SPP c-- nForce MCP: [5X]

              **Spread Spectrum**
              CPU Spread Spectrum: [Disabled]
              HT Spread Spectrum: [Disabled]
              PCle Spread Spectrurn(MCP): [Disabled]
              SATA Spread Spectrum: [Disabled]

              **FSB & Memorv Config**
              FSB - Memory Clock Mode: [Unlinked]
              FSB - Memory Ratio: [AUTO]
              FSB (QDR), MHz: [1600]
              Actual FSB (QDR), MHz: [1600]
              Actual MEM (DDR), MHz: [1066.7]

              **Memory Timing Setting**
              Memory Timing Setting: [manual]
              tCL (CAS Latency): [5]
              tRCD: [5]
              tRP: [5]
              tRAS: [15]
              Command Per Clock: [2T]

              ** Advanced Memory Settings **
              tRRD: [Auto]
              tRC: [Auto] 4
              tWR: [Auto] 32
              tWTR: [Auto] 6
              tFAW: [Auto] 10
              tREF: [Auto] 7.8 uS
              tRFC: [Auto] 127.5 nS

              **System Voltages**
              CPU Core: [1.20]
              CPU FSB: [1.175]
              Memory: [2.1]
              nForce SPP: [1.4]
              nForce MCP: [1.5]
              GTLVREF Lane 0: [Auto] +00mv
              GTLVREF Lane 1: [Auto] +65mv ??????
              GTLVREF Lane 2: [Auto] +00mv
              GTLVREF Lane 3: [Auto] +00mv

              **CPU Configuration**
              Limit CPUlD Maxval: Disabled
              Intel Speedstep: Disabled
              xPPM Mode: [Native]
              CPU Thermal Control: [Disabled]
              C1E Enhanced Halt State: [Enabled]
              Execute Disable Bit: [Enabled]
              Virtualization Technology: [Enabled]
              CPU Core 0: [Enabled]
              CPU Core 1: [Enabled]
              CPU Core 2: [Enabled]
              CPU Core 3: [Enabled]
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                Also this post could be of use in DDR2 BIOS Configuration Guides maybe? Feel free to change the title of post


                Video of Bio's settings on change
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                  can close this pcie slot 1 went out after 9yrs on board have a new rig now
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