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Terrible ram overclocking Trident Z DDR5 6400

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  • Terrible ram overclocking Trident Z DDR5 6400

    On my newest build I can't get my Trident Z DDR5 6400 (16GBx2) past 5000mhz. I also can't reduce the timings by one digit without Prime95 crashing within 2 minutes. Prime95 crashes immediately with XMP enabled.

    The only settings I've changed in the BIOS so far is setting all my P cores to turbo up to 5.4 except the hottest one (core 5, 5300mhz) and I changed,

    DRAM voltage to 1.4

    DRAM VDDQ voltage 1.4

    CPU SA voltage 1.4

    CPU VDDQ voltage 1.35

    CPU VDD2 voltage 1.35

    And of course DRAM frequency to 5000. Prime95 blend test crashes at anything higher.

    Can someone please give me some tips on what to do? Am I doing something wrong or am I just unlucky with hardware? I had the same issue with my pervious build. I couldn't overclock the ram.

    BTW, this system is being used for more than just gaming. I run my systems for hours compressing and encoding video files, rendering 3d and video. Gaming is secondary but I run games at max settings at high framerates on a ultrawide 1440p monitor.

    My system,

    i7 13700K

    MSI Z790 ACE

    Trident Z 5 DDR5-6400 16x2 (f5-6400J3239G16GX2-TZ5RK)

    RTX 4090

    *Note: In Prime95 Blend or any other test my CPU temps don't go over 99C and the ram temps are low. My case has great air flow (Thermaltake W100).

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    Do you have the latest BIOS? Did you populate slots two and four away from the CPU? Try one module at a time to see if each can be stable with XMP


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      I just wanted to report I tried each stick on it's own and both worked with xmp running at 6400mhz. I ran prime95 without errors. After installing the second stick again now it works. Very strange. I don't know if they weren't seated correctly or the motherboard needed them to be removed and reinstalled? Thanks for your help.