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trident z5 5600 (36-36-36-89) (2x32gb) -- optimal settings for 128gb (4x32)?

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  • trident z5 5600 (36-36-36-89) (2x32gb) -- optimal settings for 128gb (4x32)?

    I've got good results with just 64gb of g.skill trident z5 5600 (36-36-36-89) (2x32gb) installed, standard XMP profile works fine, all software & bios seems happy.

    Unfortunately, my boss and I went very "bleeding edge" and got z690a MB with 13900kf CPU, and our application set would be a lot happier if we can get the full 128gb (4x32).

    What are the optimal settings for 128gb (4x32)? When I enable XMP with only the standard profile and 4x32 installed, it fails OC training and eventually resets to 3000 rather than 5600.

    I did succeed in passing OC training & booting with 4x32 at 5200, once, but I am not well-versed enough in the ways of RAM to be confident I had stable settings. What I'd love is a certified XMP profile that is tested stable with this RAM kit.


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    Well, more experienced folks will probably have spotted my problem already. I was not letting settings take the DRAM voltage above 1.25, but the DDR5 needs to draw more than that to run at this speed. I let the MSI BIOS "Try It!" settings push the voltage a bit higher, and it runs like a charm. I'd still appreciate any advice you have to offer, thanks!


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      Like the QVL an XMP is only ever certified for single kit use. When combining kits, it us not unexpected to run into trouble and a small voltage increase is one of the easiest type of adjustments. However I would definitely recommend thorough stability testing with dedicated memory tests, before putting the system back to productive use.
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