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Does undervolting the cpu affect the ram xmp?

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  • Does undervolting the cpu affect the ram xmp?

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering, if I undervolt my cpu (stock, not overclocking cores) for better temps under load, does it affect ram xmp? Also ram xmp is to the rated speed, no overclock.

    Also ram is at 1.35v instead of 1.25v (xmp value), because I read somewhere on the interwebs that the Samsung chip in my ram prefers 1.35v VDD & VDDQ.

    Z690 Maximus Hero
    Ddr5 2x32gb 5600mhz
    3080 ti
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    If you want to increase efficiency by undervolting the CPU, it sounds counterproductive to increase the memory voltage, if that is not actually required. Without any reference, those 1.35V are probably a recommendation for overclockers and higher frequencies than DDR5-5600. It would be a different story, if you had stability issues at the default 1.25V. Then slightly increasing these voltages in small steps could help with stabilizing your settings.
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