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Can't post with expo

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  • Can't post with expo

    I can't get my computer to post when expo is enabled. Post and runs fine without expo, but once enabled the red and yellow debug lights stay lit and it never boots.

    1. I've tried dropping the speed to 5600mhz.
    2. I've tried tried increasing the the DRAM VDD AND VDDC voltages to 1.35v
    3. I've tried disabling Memory Context Restore.
    4. I've tried on the 3 most recent stable Bios
    5. I tried memory try it at 6000mhz 5600mhz and 5200 mhz.
    Hoping there is an easy solution in not thinking of.

    Main Board: MSI MPG B650 Carbon Wifi

    Bios: 7D74v1C

    Video Card: Sapphire Nitro 7900xtx

    PSU brand and model: MSI MPG A1000G

    12v rail Rating of listed PSU: 83.3A

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7800x3d

    Memory: 4x16gb 6000 mhz G.Skill Trident Z5 neo RGB. 2X: f5-6000j3038f16gx2-tz5nr


    CPU COOLER: NZXT Kraken Elite 360mm AIO

    Keyboard: Razer Huntsman V3 Pro

    Mouse: Razer Naga Pro Wireless

    Any Additional hardware plugged into your system: Lian Li Strimer cables for motherboard and video card power. 7 120mm Lian Li infinity fans, 2 140mm Lian Li infinity fans. 2 VKB Gladiator flight sticks, Razer Tartarus V2 gamepad. Steal Series Articus 7x Headset

    OC: No

    Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 64bit

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    Did you try each memory kit separately? Only one should be used at a time. For two modules, make sure to populate slots two and four away from the CPU.

    What were the results of a lower DRAM Frequency? Was the system stable at DDR5-5200?


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      I was able to get it to post at 4800 mhz by enabling memory context restore and power down mode. Just can't get it any faster.


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        Full slots or a single memory kit?


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          Please see Max Memory Speed under Connectivity here:

          You'll notice that maximum RAM speeds are 5200 for 2 rows and 3600 for 4 rows.

          Also, you may be required to use a specific pair or RAM slots on your motherboard to achieve the higher speeds - check the manual for your motherboard.

          This is why you'll be unable to boot - try it at the higher speeds with just 2 rows of RAM instead of 4 and it should boot.

          You'll need to go for a 2x 32GB kit for 64GB RAM instead of 4x 16GB if you want the higher speeds - You can get these with EXPO in both Trident Z5 Neo and Flare X5.
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