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Bad color consistency in RGB

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  • Bad color consistency in RGB


    I got some new DDR5 Trident Z5 NEO RGB Series RAM and all was fine with the LED colors for a few days. I wanted solid white and all solid colors appeared very good, bright and consistent. Then suddenly I enabled EXPO and (maybe a coincidence) and the RAM LED color changed and I could see different shades within the white solid color. I was no longer a uniform solid color which is very disappointing. There are very pale other colors within the sticks and there is no way I can use white any more as it almost looks subtely multicolored. I don't understand why this suddenly happened and if there is a fix. I updated bios etc but haven't taken the sticks out yet. Any help much appreciated

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    Shut down all power including from power supply. Please power button to discharge; then power ON to see if lighting reverts to default rainbow and can accept adjustments. Can you provide pictures of the issue? If you suspect an issue with DRAM, send them in for warranty exchange and replacement.