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What's the best RAM for X79 Mobo

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  • What's the best RAM for X79 Mobo

    Help.... I need to find out what the best RAM is for my situation to use. I am planning to use 32GB unless I do not need it. I need my computer to be very fast. I will probably overclock it.

    The computer will be used for trading stocks and FOREX (foreign exchange - Currencies). I will have 4-6 applications open at once (of which two of them will be my trading platforms where I execute trades), two streaming financial news channels, 100 Firefox internet tabs open, 6 display monitors and 14 stock chart or FOREX windows open that will be streaming fluctuating stock or FOREX prices. When I hit the button to buy or sell 1/100 of a second delay could make me loose money. Occasionally I like to run a flight simulator.

    This is my first computer build and here are some of the parts:

    Motherboard - Sabertooth X79

    CPU - I7 3930k

    CPU Fan - Noctua NH-C14 - low profile, dual fan configuration, c-type top-flow design, 140mm

    PSU - Seasonic Platinum 1000W

    Enclosure case - Fractal R4 (mid tower)

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    I think I'd suggest the Trident 2133/CL9 set as the first choice (F3-2133C9Q-32GTX), at 2133 it will go well with your combo and has tight timings, will allow plenty of DRAM for the apps and tabs to all stay in memory, and if your CPU can handle faster, the set OCs well. Second choice would be the Ripjaws Z 2133/CL9 which was designed for the X79 and true quad channel (as well as the above reasons, I give a slight edge to the Tridents as they have a bit more headroom if you do try and OC them

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      1.5 volts versus 1.6 volts

      Thanks for your recommendation Tradesman. I am new at all of this stuff so bear with me.
      I talked to an Intel Rep. the other day and he told me to make sure my RAM was for 1.5 volts and not higher. I noticed that the specs on the F3-2133C9Q-32GTX are:

      Tested Voltage - 1.6V

      SPD Voltage - 1.5V

      I do not know if the intel rep meant SPD or tested had to be at 1.5V.


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        That's because Intel is looking at the base spec of the CPU (it's actually rated to run 1600 sticks and they don't like to recommend OCing (which is sort of stupid as they make unlocked CPUs - but that's their position)...1866 and above reuires an OC on the CPU and thus the relative voltages rise (CPU, MC (memory controller), DRAM and with high OCs/DRAM freqs the VCCSA (System Agent Voltage). If you go and look at say NewEgg, you'll find most all sets by all manufacturers with freqs 2133 and up are 1.6 to 1.65......this of course, will all change when DDR4 comes out as it will be lower voltage to begin with

        Pls offer comments on support I provide, HERE, in order to help me do a better job here: