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Old 11-01-2017, 07:25 AM
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Unhappy Spacebar key non responsive

So its been 7 months since I've had the KM780 keyboard and recently the spacebar key has kind of become unresponsive. The keypress registers only on hard press. RMA is not an option as it is turning out to be quite expensive. The first time this happened a few weeks back I took apart the keyboard and cleaned the circuit near the spacebar with Isopropyl alcohol. At the time of assembling back I had noticed that one of the soldering joint had a crack on it. I am not sure though because I have never seen a soldering joint in my life before. But comparing that one with the others, it sure does seem like its a little cracked. After cleaning the circuit board the keyboard worked fine until today. The spacebar again stopped responding to soft keypresses. So I took the keyboard apart again and did the same thing. This time though it didn't solve the problem. I noticed that when all the screws are out cleaning the circuit board helps solve the issue. Light keypresses seem to register. But as soon as I tighten in a few screws or even put the keycap over the key the issue arises. I've tested all other keys on the keyboard and they all work fine. Only the spacebar requires hard presses. Here is a picture of the spacebar part of the circuit board https://imgur.com/zPJqPqb. I am hoping that the cracked soldering joint is the issue here and not the key and that a simple resolder will fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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