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Old 05-18-2010, 12:59 AM
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Default [ONLY for Falcon II SSD]Firmware 1916 Updated (w/ Clean Function)

Dear all~

We apologized for the long time you've waited for the solution of previous firmware 1916 upgrade failure.
We would like to release a firmware which add new function "Clean" to solve the bugs before.
It takes time but now here it is.

Due to there is no difference between this version and previous one on firmware upgrade,
We only excerpt description about "clean" funtion from the user guide attached in the new firmware upgrade tool.

This guide is only valid for G.Skill Falcon & Falcon II SSD; please check your SSD model before you start to upgrade. This upgrade tool will erase all data on your SSD.
Please back up your data before the upgrade.

10. The ?Clean SSD? function is suitable if you cannot upgrade successfully and have tried the Step 9.
Execute this function as follows:
?Refresh? the SSD, then choose the Model No. as step 6 and click ?Clean SSD?.
If you encounter the message:

Please press ?Enter? and choose the other same capacity Model No. to Clean SSD again.

The correct Model No. chosen will show this message:

Press ?Y? to continue the clean function.

You will see this message if clean is complete:

Press ?Enter? and return to the application window.
Click ?OK?

Then follow step 7~ step 8, click ?Upgrade F/W? to continue the firmware upgrade.
Download G.Skill FalconII Series SSD 1916 Firmware Upgrade AP

*Please remember to back up your data is SSD before upgrading new firmware.
After upgrading firmware, the partition will be deleted.

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