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Default Phoenix pro (follow up)


I contacted GSkill a few months ago because my Phoenix Pro was no longer reckognized by my new motherboard (socket 1150). After some tests, it seemed that this SSD was working on another chipset (Ivy bridge).

This is detailed in this thread :

Having this SSD useless, I recently bought a USB3 enclosure that could let me use this SSD even with socket 1150.

The problem is that the Phoenix Pro is less and less detected, even in the enclosure or on another compatible computer (not a Haswell one). The second problem is that this SSD is no more under limited warranty (3 years on this SSD).

So I want to ask a question : as the problem was reported BEFORE the end of the warranty, and is now more and more frequent (this SSD is almost unusable, because system cannot detect it most of the time), can I ask for a RMA ?

I thank you for the answer.

Best regards
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