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naplazy1 10-03-2017 03:06 PM

Problems with my RMA ER2173112! Please help! Gskill lost my faulty RAM modules??
I am writing about issues related to my RAM warranty.

Description of the situation:
On 20-09-2017r I reported the problem with my F4-3200C14Q-32GTZ via the website https://www.gskill.com/en/rma

After that, I received an email with the ER2173112 RMA number.
In the message I also received further instructions for next steps. According to the instructions, I logged on to my profile at http://gskill.rma-center.com/#/login and created a New RMA Request and filled all the details (ER number, Serial numbers, date of purchase etc.).

After that I packed and prepared for shipping my damaged DDR4 memory kit with the original box. Inside the box package, I placed a printed paper card with RMA number ER2173112.

The shipment was sent on 25-09-2017 via DPD courier service at the shipping number 13499300200142 to G.SKILL RMA Center (De Run 4428, 5503 LR Veldhoven, The Netherlands).

The shipment was delivered on 27-09-2017. You can verify this by using the tracking link: https://tracking.dpd.de/parcelstatus?query=13499300200142&locale=en_NL

Unfortunately, after a few days of waiting, my RMA status has not changed despite the delivery! "Goods received date" and "Goods sent date" status are still pending! I have tried to contact the email address rma@gskill.com due to my RMA issues twice, but no one answered!

I'm starting to worry about what's going on with my RMA. I am very afraid that my Tridentz modules kit was lost or the person who received the package did not read the RMA number correctly. A set of 4x 8GB TridentZ 3200 CL14 memory kit cost me over $ 440!!!

Perhaps you should contact the gskill RMA center in the Netherlands to clarify the matter?
Please help me!!!! :(

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