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  • Rma#ur2187206

    Can I get and update on my RMA status? I sent in my original bad stick of ram and then a few days later I get an email saying I was sent the wrong kit and I need to refuse the package....and once USPS scans it as refused my new (correct) kit would be sent out. So I went ahead and refused it and have heard nothing since. I have been emailing for 10 days now with no response and I feel that I am being ignored and you have just stolen from me. This is absolutely unprofessional and its crazy I am having to beg for replies from the RMA department.

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    I can copy and paste emails here if needed to prove this situation is true. Although I am hesitant to because this is a public forum and is crazy to me that I am having to resort to publicly posting on a forum to hope for a response back.