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  • f3-2400c10q-16gtx

    Hello guys,

    Sorry for my poor english, I'm french.

    I have 4x4gb of this f3-2400c10q-16gtx. (April 2013)

    I tried to install it on my PC to replace my existing 2x2gb Ripjaws F3-10666CL9D-4GBRL.

    My motherboard is a ASUS P7P55D LE
    My processor is a i5 750.

    At first, to check the new memory, I put each module one by one to see if the computer is working well.

    Unfortunately, 2 of them don't work, separately, together, or with the 2 that work. The screen never switches on with these 2 faulty memory modules. The PC is starting but nothing happens, black screen.
    I tried all the possible combinations.
    BIOS version is up-to-date.
    I used the MemOK! button of my motherboard.
    I've activated the memory remapping.
    I tried the Manual, Auto, DOCP, XMP options.... no change (when OC is working well).
    So I kept Manual with 1333MHz frequency.

    With the same exact BIOS config, 2 of them don't work (alone or together) and 2 of them work well.

    Serial numbers :
    13151500030313 --> OK
    13151500030314 --> KO
    13151500030315 --> KO
    13151500030316 --> OK

    I'm now convinced that 2 of them have a defect.

    Should I send them back for RMA ??
    How ?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    Hello again,

    Is there any chance to get an answer ??



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      1. Clear your CMOS.
      2. Insert each module into the DIMM_A1 slot individually.
      3. Take a note of the sticks that fails to post.


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        Feel free to send them in for RMA exchange to see if a new kit works better.

        Thank you
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          First question :
          Is that a problem if I send you the 2 defected modules only ?
          I can't send you the full kit (4 modules) because the 2 working modules are already installed on my PC and make it work ! If I send you the whole kit, I won't have my PC during several weeks...
          What would be the problem if I don't send the full kit ?

          Second question :
          Unfortunately, I have lost my proof of purchase, will it be a problem if I send you the kit without this document ?

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            Usually you have to send the whole kit, so that you get four matched modules back (in your case).
            Also you can always contact the shop and ask them to send you another copy of the invoice.
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              Especially for high frequency memory kits, modules need to be perfectly matching to reach the extreme frequency. If not, they may be difficult to overclock. Some times, they don't work well together at all. If this is a problem, you can try purchasing another kit, then return this one once the new kit is working properly.

              Thank you
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              Are you an overclocker? Have screen shots of your OC results? Please post and share your OC experience!

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                I sent my complete kit on Monday.
                And I received a brand new kit on Thursday, through Netherlands.

                Extremely quick and professionnal RMA.
                Thanks !