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Falcon 2 128GB Bad sectors - RMA query

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  • Falcon 2 128GB Bad sectors - RMA query


    before I submit an RMA I have some questions regarding my SSD.

    I am using this on a sandy Bridge system running windows 7 64-bit Home. Latest drivers and firmware for my hardware.

    About a month ago I noticed that my backup imaging would no longer work due to CRC errors (error code indicated bad sectors according to my research).

    I tried windows backup and Acronis true image 11 which I have as well. Neither worked.


    I secure erase, update firmware to 2030 and follow directions from this site to prepare my drive. New installation of windows.

    Backups work again.

    Now.... about 4 weeks on.... same errors again due to bad sectors.

    Either the f/w is not correctly detecting and mapping out bad sectors or the drive is corrupting.

    I am using a new (different) SATA cable as well since I erased the drive. No other drives on the motherboard are suffering corruption.

    My thoughts are that this drive is not reliable and requires replacement.

    It's frustrating as this is the 2nd Falcon 2 I have had fail in less than 12 months for 2 seperate systems (home / small office use so this failure is certainly premature).

    Item was purchased from ITSDirect in Australia (QLD) on 20 Apr 2010 so I assume it's still under warranty (2 years correct??).

    Any advice?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Do you have SATA Mode set to AHCI? Do you have Intel RST 9.6 and latest AHCI driver?

    It is still under warranty, so we can replace no problem.

    You will need to send it to our Taiwan office.

    Thank you


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      thanks for the fast response...

      I have the bios set to AHCI.

      The latest RST drivers are installed (sourced from intel).

      I have contacted the business I purchased from and will lodge an RMA with them if I can. If not, I'll post to you as indicated.

      I'll let them know you have indicated its eligible for an exchange too.

      THanks again!