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    Hi guys,

    I generally only buy G.skill RAM so I wanted to ask a few things:

    1) How long should the place of purchase be handling the warranty (i.e I take it to them instead of shipping all the way to Taiwan)?

    2) Sometimes I don't get errors on Memtest86+ or they take a long time to show up, but they show up quickly on HCi Memtest , this means the stick is actually faulty and should be a case for RMA I assume? Unfortunately HCi Memtest doesn't give you the big red error screen like 86+ does.

    I.e if HCi shows errors, I assume G.skill will be able to see these errors also?

    3) Is RMA still handled in Taiwan? No place in Australia to send to?


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    Sorry for the late response.

    1. It is up to them. 2 weeks, 1 month, etc. If they send shipments to us on a regular basis, it should not be that big of a hassle so they may do you a favor.

    2. Did you test them one at a time? We will replace modules whether they have errors or not.

    3. You can check distributor information on our website to see if a company can help.

    Thank you
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