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RMA Request SSD Falcon II 128

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  • RMA Request SSD Falcon II 128

    I request an RMA Number for my Falcon II 128 SSD as it keeps failing to upgrade the firmware. The update fails on choice 1 and 2 immediately and trys to run through choice 3 but errors out always around 8000-9000 with the bad block message.

    I have read in your forum you planned to release a clean tool which may help resolve this upgrade issue. Is this ready yet? I am in Australia so sending my OS drive back to you is a big problem.

    I also want to report that I have had to reinstall windows 5 times now since owning this drive due to data corruptions of the ssd drive. This is also of major concern.

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    What operating system are you using? You may want to look in the SSD Tweaks thread to disable some features that may not apply to SSDs, since that may damage them instead. Data corruption is a common issue because the SSDs are not properly configured.

    If RMA is a hassle, simply wait for the clean tool and see if that helps. If not, then send them in for new replacements.

    Thank you


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      No Joy

      I have enabld the tweaks from day 1... the corruptions still occured with or without the tweaks. OS is win764.

      I will email the RMA form as I need this drive to be functional urgently. At present it is now 'dead' and unuasable (in a locked state after the firmware update failed).

      1. Is there any way to recover the drive at all so it can be used until the clean tool is released?

      2. When do you expect to have the clean tool ready. Its hard to decide to hold off RMA to overseas and wait for the turnaround vs wait for the clean tool if we have no idea when that will be?

      I must say for your company info this is too troublesome for Australian residents to buy from G.Skill unless something changes to make service simplier... consider:

      - No local service agent requiring RMA overseas to get the drive working again
      - Costs to ship overseas borne by customer for faulty firmware upgrade process
      - Down time while we wait for overseas delivery and return
      - Extra costs in purchasing equipment to get machine back online (OS Drive)

      As you must be aware this is no fault of my own that your firmware process 'bricked' the drive. The firmware upgrade failed becasue of your processes not something i did wrong. Now I am left with waiting for a clean tool with no expected release date or RMA to overseas at my cost. I have already had to go buy another hard disk today to get the machine back online at a further unnecesary cost of $100 to myself.


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        1. No, if it is "dead" then there's nothing you can do.

        2. Clean tool will be released within the month.

        We try to have local service agents around the world, but it is not that simple. We understand your concerns and will find ways to make things more simple.

        Thank you


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          Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...

          The shop I purchased from returned the Falcon II to you for me but it has been now over 3 weeks... how long is the normal turnaround on these things?


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            Should be roughly 2 weeks, keep checking with them as it should be in any time now.

            Thank you
            GSKILL TECH