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rma in taipei?

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  • rma in taipei?

    Early 2006 I bought 2x1GB (F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ) directly from the Gskill office in Taipei.
    The ram has been working excellently untill last week when one of those sticks died.

    Will it be ok if I visit the GSkill office at DōngX?ng Road in person to RMA the ram?

    If I send the ram by mail my machine would be unusable during the wait, that's why I ask.
    Or I could just mail the one broken stick, unless it's standard to replace both sticks.
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    Complete the RMA request form, email them and ask if you can bring it in.

    Thank you
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      just a heads up...
      i called gskill's office and they said i could visit and get new ram
      i just visited them today...people were nice and polite....the shiney new ram is working fine.
      i won't hesitate to buy gskill again when i am in need of ram for my next build...great service.

      there is one thing i thought was a bit odd.
      they guy on the phone yesterday said if i had bought my ram at a store i would have had only 1 year warranty....huh? is that true? that didn't sound right to me because gskill ram is gskill ram no?
      if i ever buy ram from a general hardware shop, i will ask about the warranty to be sure.

      anyway, thx guys!