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RMA of Replacement Memory Modules

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  • RMA of Replacement Memory Modules

    Lately I have been getting random BSODs so I decided to check what was causing these BSODs. So far, every hardware I have worked perfectly (I got a new mobo and using the built-in X4500 graphics). After running memory test (the last test I did in trouble shooting because I was skeptical that it was caused by faulty memory since were just replaced last October), I was pretty surprised to find out that the memory was causing these random BSODs - memtest showed around 455 (or so errors) in test no. 5. and only this test has resulted in errors.

    I was wondering, since I RMAed my modules last October 2009, can I still RMA these replacement memory modules?


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    After running memtest on each of my memory modules, found out that my memory modules weren't defective after all. Finally was able to run Windows 7 without the random BSOD - it turns out this freaking mobo is picky when it comes to memory and is known to have issues running dual channel. Thank God, I was able to configure it correctly! WTF Asus?!


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      What motherboard do you have? Do you have the latest BIOS?

      Thank you


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        Asus P5QL-EM. Ditched my Commando for this because I needed a mATX setup for more desk space. My mistake was I got the board after seeing the features and layout (imho, one of the best feature set for a mATX mobo for its price), I didn't even bothered to read any reviews for it. =[

        BTW, I am using the current BIOS version. I've updated it before I installed Windows, but still it BSOD on me.

        Anyway, its running fine now and never encountered any BSODs in the last 5 days or so. Good thing I tried running memtest for each of the modules, other wise I may have paid for the shipping costs to and from G. Skill. hehe
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