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Install G.Skill Phoenix Pro on Macbook OSX

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  • Install G.Skill Phoenix Pro on Macbook OSX

    If you're having problems installing OSX on your SSD because OSX doesn't detect your SSD drive, here's what you can do:

    You'll need the ff: OSX install DVD, extra 2.5" SATA drive, 2.5" SATA USB enclosure, Carbon Copy Cloner software

    Do a clean install OSX on the non-SSD drive that can be detected during the installation boot sequence

    1. Install the non-SSD drive in the Macbook
    2. Insert the OSX dvd installer and boot the Macbook while pressing the "C" button to boot from DVD
    3. Select Disk Utilities > On the Volumes Scheme, select 1 partition, on the Format tab, select Mac OSX Extended Journaled, on the Options Tab, select GUID partition table
    4. Run the OSX installer until it finishes the process.
    5. Once installation is complete, don't install any other applications or OSX updates.

    Cloning newly installed OSX to the SSD drive
    1. Insert SSD drive into 2.5" SATA-USB enclosure
    2. Go to Applications > Utilities >Disk Utilities > Select the SSD drive
    3. On the Volumes Scheme, select 1 partition, on the Format tab, select Mac OSX Extended Journaled, select GUID partition table
    4. Once partitioned, you will be able to detect the SSD drive on the desktop
    5. Download Carbon Copy Cloner at
    6. Run Carbon Copy Cloner and clone your newly installed OSX to the SSD drive

    Final steps - Installing SSD drive to the Macbook
    1. Shutdown Computer
    2. Remove the non-SSD drive
    3. Insert the SSD drive
    4. Reboot (OSX should now be working on your SSD)
    5. Run OSX updates, install programs normally

    Also, it's a good idea to run SSD Optimizer for OSX
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    Hello there

    Thank you for this, works 100% on MacMini with the Phoenix Pro.


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      Sleep problem on a MacBook Pro Mid 2009

      Guys, I just received my SSD yesterday, and let me tell you this is the best upgrade since 10 years I ever made to a machine, this is worth it in all the senses.

      To install my new unit, on the Mac, just used Carbon Copy Mac, which it would be easy to download for free, and then with the mirror is done, just install this software to resolve the sleep issue in the mac, and you ARE DONE, FLYING LIKE A BIRD.

      Hope this will let you enjoy the SSD that you dream off, !!! g.skill for sure!!!


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        Just one more thing, how to update FW in OSX ?