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  • Problem with Phoenix Pro


    My old motherboard (Asus P6T7 with X58 chipset) died last week (constant freeze, even in bios).
    So I bought another one to replace it (Gigabyte Z87-HD3).

    My problem is that my SSD (a FM-25S2S-60GBP2) is no more reckognized (or very rarely) by my computer.
    Even in bios, sometimes I can see it, sometimes I can't.
    Using another disk is ok...

    I tried to erase it with Parted Magic and then flash it with 4.2 firmware (rebooted a lot of times to have it working).
    (as described here : and here : )
    No luck, the disk still disappears and is unusable.

    So I need help.

    Is my disk dead ?
    Do I have to RMA it (bought the 17th of May 2011, so supposed to be under warranty).

    My computer :
    Intel i5 4670k
    Gigabyte Z87-HD3
    4 Gb DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24
    Corsair HX-650
    Sapphire HD 7970 Dual-X

    Thanks for your help.
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    Feel free to send it in for RMA exchange to see if a replacement works better.

    Thank you


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      I am not sure replacement phoenix pro will help.

      I tested the disk on another computer (Ivy Bridge) and I managed to install Ubuntu without any problem. To be sure, I tested it on another 1150 platform (H81/G3430) and the problem is back. So it seems I have a problem with 1150 chipsets.

      So my SSD seems to work perfectly, but on other computers.
      For me, it is absolutely useless...

      Can GSkill replace my phoenix pro by another SSD (without SF 1200) ?


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        Unfortunately, we do not have SSDs without the SF controller. Sorry for any inconvenience.

        Thank you