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Please provide the following information with any new post involving a technical issue with your G.Skill peripheral. This pertinent information will allow us to effectively troubleshoot and provide the best solution.

1) Software (SW) version and firmware (FW) version
2) Did this issue occur on a new software installation or software update?
3) What is the model number of your keyboard and layout? (e.g. KM780 RGB, NA English; etc.)
4) Which Windows OS version are you using? (e.g. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit; Windows 10 Pro 64-bit; etc.)
5) Which USB port did you plug the keyboard into? (e.g. USB3.0 in motherboard back panel, USB2.0 hub, etc.)
6) Your motherboard model number
7) Any antivirus/anti-malware software programs you have installed
8) Any other keyboard/mouse/similar device software you have installed

If you would like, you can also email this info to for our peripherals team to troubleshoot/replicate the issue.

Thank you!
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DPI Settings are not saved

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  • DPI Settings are not saved


    I have the Ripjaws mx780. It is newly bought. I use the most actual Firmware and drivers (as far as I can see in the software delivered with the mouse). The mouse is directly connected to the mainboard via USB 3.0. I do not use any antivirus.
    The following are my other specs:

    Win 10 64 Bit, msi mainboard (Z170A)

    The problem I am having: When I set Dpi to a specific value, this does not safe. Whenever I restart my PC it is deleted and reset to 850 DPI. However when I create a new profile, this is saved but with the DPI values reduced to 850.

    I also did reinstall the software, rest the mouse etc. That did not help.

    Can you help me?

    EDIT: It does not matter if I switch off the PC over night with electricity being disconnected or just restart the pc.
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    Did you 'Save to device memory' after changing? You must do that for settings to be stored in the mouse. When you make adjustment in software, it does immediate change, but it is not permanent.

    If you change from the mouse, then it should be permanent.


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      Of course I did


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        What version is the software and firmware?


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          Firmware version: 21
          Software version: 0.78


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            Do you have a problem if you change DPI on the fly with mouse?


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              On the fly it does work. Also if I create a new profile and use the default settings without changing them it works. (800, 1600, 2400, 4800, 8200 DPI) Only when I try to customize the DPI settings to my personal values it does not work.


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                Can you send all the effected exported profile to us at It would help us analyze the issue.

                Also, do you only have 1 profile? Or do you have 2 or more profiles in the software?

                If possible, please reset the mouse settings to defaults in the software setting menu (wrench icon). Then without changing any settings, uninstall the software, restart the computer, download and upgrade the software to version 1.00. And then customize your settings again. Please do note that exported settings from version 0.78 would not work on version 1.00.

                Download page:


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                  I had upto 3 Profiles but they were not working so i deleted them. Now I am using just the stock one. Your Steps I will execute and the report back. The profile I am using and one that is not working I will sent to you. Thanks for your help.


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                    Hi Ivan,

                    We received your profiles at our tech support email address. We'll have our mouse team take a look at it, but at first glance, it looks fine.

                    If you continue to have problems, please try out the new software update. Thanks!


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                      It seems to work now with the new software. Thanks tou you and your team for your effort. Cheers


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                        What was the solution? .
                        I have the Ver. 21 - 1.01 and today started this same problem. Use different DPI x-y. Today I noticed in the game that the height was very fast and now I am not allowed to change any of the DPI.
                        It really is very bad the soft. Before I had problems with the profiles, then with RGB and now this.


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                          I think I found a momentary solution.
                          Instead of typing the numbers with the keyboard. You have to slide the DPI bar


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                            Hi Garba,

                            We're not able to replicate your issues. Can you give us more information?
                            1. What's the game you are playing?
                            2. What DPI values have you set? and how many DPI stages?
                            3. Can you export the profile from your mouse and send it over to and we'll take a look at it?
                            4. Which motherboard are you using?
                            5. Is the mouse plugged into the motherboard rear panel?

                            If you updated the software from a previous version, a previous version's setting might be stuck or causing issues with the new software settings. Might want to go into the software settings (wrench icon on top right) and click on "Reset to Default Setting" and try out the DPI X-Y thing again and see if the same issue occurs.