Got a technical problem?

Please provide the following information with any new post involving a technical issue with your G.Skill peripheral. This pertinent information will allow us to effectively troubleshoot and provide the best solution.

1) Software (SW) version and firmware (FW) version
2) Did this issue occur on a new software installation or software update?
3) What is the model number of your keyboard and layout? (e.g. KM780 RGB, NA English; etc.)
4) Which Windows OS version are you using? (e.g. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit; Windows 10 Pro 64-bit; etc.)
5) Which USB port did you plug the keyboard into? (e.g. USB3.0 in motherboard back panel, USB2.0 hub, etc.)
6) Your motherboard model number
7) Any antivirus/anti-malware software programs you have installed
8) Any other keyboard/mouse/similar device software you have installed

If you would like, you can also email this info to for our peripherals team to troubleshoot/replicate the issue.

Thank you!
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780mx somehowmy nuimber 4 key is on number pad is default macrod

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  • 780mx somehowmy nuimber 4 key is on number pad is default macrod

    my keypad numb 4 is somehow macro'd by default to a bunch of key combos
    how do i get it to go back to the number 4 lol instead of a ton of keystrokes
    ( i have to macro it to 4 to not do alot of keystrokes )

    i tried reinstalling program , defaulted firmware manually,then re updated firmware and nothing
    nothing works its permanently macro'd to a bunch of characters

    windows 10 x64