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RMA TIme? 2 Kits of 2x8GB 3200 Hynix TridentZ RGB corrupted. Software not detecting.

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  • RMA TIme? 2 Kits of 2x8GB 3200 Hynix TridentZ RGB corrupted. Software not detecting.

    So I made the mistake of buying not one but two kits of 2x8GB 3200Mhz (Hynix based) kits for two of my systems. Both of which have since gone into complete meltdown on the RGB side of things. No matter what combination of sticks I use (single, pairs, mixed pairs) the RGB Control app doesn't detect them and closes down with that error message.

    Am I looking at RMA at this point? The RAM itself works, but I am honestly quite tired of looking at the rainbow effect, that doesn't match either system - And are there still any known applications they won't work together with? One rig is a H700i from NZXT, so their CAM App has to be running at all times for fan control, and the other one is a CPU Cooler review testbench, so any brand's RGB software could be installed for a period of time. Corsair, CM et cetera.

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    No one?

    Guess I'll have to proceed with RMA then.


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      If you're willing to be without your computer for a week, or 2, then feel free to RMA. It's not a guaranteed fix though. I RMA'd my kit a month ago, and they still don't get detected via the software. At least not in the preferred slots. i'm pretty sure ASUS is the only MB that truly works with this RAM when it comes to RGB controls since that's what the software is built on.


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        How did everything turn out for you? I'm having the same problem with the no modules found error. Originally one of my sticks were able to be controlled using the software, but after resetting Lighting Service in the service section of task manager neither sticks are detected.