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[Trident Z RGB Software] Can't open after installation

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  • [Trident Z RGB Software] Can't open after installation

    If the software is not opening for you after the installation, please go through the following checklist. It's important to make sure you've done all the steps in order.

    1. Update the motherboard BIOS to the latest version

    2. If using a 2-module kit, please try [CPU][_][X][_][X] or [CPU][X][_][X][_] configurations. Working configurations may differ from motherboard to motherboard.

    3. When extracting installer, please check the following:
    - Right click on ZIP file, choose Properties
    - Under Generals tab, if there's an "Unblock" option, check it before extracting

    4. Do a reinstall, and when executing the installer, use "Run as Admin" by right clicking on the installer

    5. After the installation and a reboot, if the software still doesn't start, a third party software may be preventing the removal of the "NeedReboot" flag in the registry. To remove the flag manually, download this file, extract it, then double click on the registry file provided to clear the "NeedReboot" flag from the registry. (If the link doesn't work, copy and paste this into your browser:

    Please note that the above steps do not resolve "Cannot detect Trident Z RGB" errors. Please send an email to if you are getting the "Cannot detect Trident Z RGB" error message.

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    That does not work for me. I followed every step above but when I try to open the Trident Z RGB Software I'm immediately getting "G.SKILL has stopped working" and a dump file (see attached screenshot).


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      Please advise, G.Skill!