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RGB LED is orange when it should be white?

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  • RGB LED is orange when it should be white?


    I recently made a pretty big purchase of 64GB of Trident Z RGB 3200Mhz C14 ram.

    The ram works perfectly, no memcheck errors.

    It has issues running at 3200mhz on my 1950x but not the end of the world, I just set it to 3066mhz.

    The issue ive encountered is that one single LED is basically stuck on an orange and so changes other colours when changed.

    If its on red/orange its un-noticable but I primarily bought it for more of a purple theme.

    It makes the one spot on the stick more of a red colour due to the orange when it should be white.

    Is this something I can fix or will it need to be RMA'd.

    Ive attached an image of the ram for example when purple (in the theme I want), you can see one LED is more of a red instead of purple.

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    Should I get this RMA'd?


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      Reset the modules to default rainbow, then apply profile to see if it can display properly.

      One method is to turn lights OFF/ON.

      Also, what version software are you using? Do you have the latest BIOS?
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        I have exactly the same issue with my kit. Dim 1 LED 4 (second from bottom) is showing a different color. It does change the color though in modes like rainbow but it's totally off sync. In modes like static it is showing a color totally off, like red while everything else is white.

        Did you find a solution for this?


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          If you've done resets and clean uninstalls, and the issue continues and is consistently the same module, same LED location, then it's likely a faulty LED. In this case, we'd recommend a RMA replacement.