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Flare X BSOD with X399 board

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  • Flare X BSOD with X399 board

    I have used this «crash» in RAM prices to plunge for 2x2x16Gb of RAM. The RAM is on G.Skill's list of approved memory for the X399 Aorus Gaming 7 (F4-2400C15D-32GFXR). So I just removed the old RAM, put in this 1 and all I got were BSOD installing Windows 10.

    Things I have done :
    - Latest BIOS (F12g) from May of this year.
    - Installed only 1 stick, even changed install slots from normal ones to other ones, see if a slot was bad. BSOD always.
    - Changed timings to be looser (from CL15-15-15-39 all the way up to CL20-20-20-39), lowered speed to 2133Mhz, even upped the voltage to 1.30v. And yes, the UEFI recognized the RAM correctly, XMP was working.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed ?

    Forgot to post some of my specs :
    Gigabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7 ; 32Gb (4x8Gb Aegis F4-2800C17D-16GIS) that only works at 2133 ; Threadripper 1900x (8c-16t) with Noctua NHU14S ; 2x MSI 1070 in SLI ; Seasonic Prime Platinum 750W PSU.
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    Did you try the other stick of the new kit to see if it can work properly? Just to be certain, the original kit of RAM works fine, is that correct?


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      Yes, I tried one of the sticks from the other kit, and still BSOD. Highly unlikely for both to be bad. And the BIOS reads them correctly.
      The old kits (2x2x8Gb F4-2800C17D-16GIS, not on the QVL but cheap at the time) only works at 2133, anything above it, either manually or with XMP and it resets back to 2133 once I reboot. So it works, but only at stock speeds.