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Need XMP2 help with Maximus XI Extreme & G.Skill Trident Z RGB 4266Mhz 32GB settings

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  • Need XMP2 help with Maximus XI Extreme & G.Skill Trident Z RGB 4266Mhz 32GB settings

    Can someone help me please as I am trying to understand this bios and XMP on this ram and setting up the voltage for this ram, I am not even trying to OC the CPU yet I just want to set my ram in XMP2 and be stable , I need someone to spell it out for me every step as I am at a loss still after much homework. First this is a new build about 4 weeks old and windows is stable according to windows scans and stress tests with no OC on, I tested the ram for 7 hrs and it passed all tests on memtest./ prime

    Second my PC specs...

    On BIOS... 0805
    Case - Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D
    CPU - Intel I9 - 9900K Processor
    CPU Cooler - Hydro Series H150i Pro RGB 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler
    Motherboard - ROG Maximus XI Extreme
    RAM - DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z RGB 4266Mhz 32GB
    Tested Latency 17-18-18-38
    Video Card - ROG Strix OC 1080Ti
    SSD's - Samsung 850 Pro X-Three-1TB
    Power Supply - Corsair HX 1200i
    Fans - Corsair ML120 Pro 120mm Premium x 16 (6 for CPU Cooler push pull)
    Command Pro x 2
    RGB Fan LED Hub x 3
    Corsair LED Lighting Pro Expansion Kits x 2
    Monitor - Samsung 49" CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor 144Hrz 1ms
    Win 10 Enterprise 64bit

    I just need all the steps spelled out for me as XMP is not what it used to be at all in this new gen gear :/ So what I am asking for is every step I need to do to get my ram set for 4266 or at least near it.
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    Just go into asus bios and it will be one of the top items in the extreme tweaker section of the bios. select xmp 1 or 2 depending on what's available, set it and hit F10 / save. you will be in xmp profile after that.

    get into bios by hitting the delete key when you see the asus logo on the machine right after restarting or powering up. it's usually one of the top 3 entries set to AUTO under that section.


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      LOL To funny sorry maybe I was not clear I know the settings for xmp and I know only to well how to get into bios I am looking for help from someone who knows this MB and ram as xmp is NOT just click and go in this bios with this speed of ram. A few different settings must be done for voltages.I did a edit to my post to make it more clear but sadly I cant do a edit to the title :/
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        It should work by enabling XMP Profile in BIOS, granted the CPU is capable. So if it does not boot with XMP alone, you may need to manually set to a lower frequency first, then work your way up to see what the CPU can do.


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          Thanks for the post and thanks for fixing topic name for me :] I can set it to xmp1 and have it take and get into windows but it failed the InelBurn Test on maximum and lower . The error was something like failed your pc may or may not crash lol. I want to set it to XMP2 as I do want to OC this CPU down the road once I get the ram stable on 4266. And this whole xmp 1 and xmp2 this is like what ?? And the yes no thing once you pick a xmp reg cpu just ug. I mis the old day set xmp and save.

          But faster ram new gen stuff so learning curve just now for me. This is why I need help as I think what I need to set in bios is Dram voltage and CPU system Agent voltage and Cpu vccio voltage from reading this.

          So correct me if I am wrong on this xmp 1 is board optimized timings and xmp2 is Default xmp timings? And I could use either one unless it fails stress test then I need to change voltages in Dram voltage and CPU system Agent Voltage and CPU Vccio Voltage? I know the ram would be 1.45V.... and on xmp 1 it has failed the Inel Burn stress test on maximum stress level and the pc can pass this stress test with no xmp on :/

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            XMP just depends on whether the rest of the system can support it, but it's purpose is still the same.

            If the system is slightly unstable at 4266, you can try 4000 or 3866, check to see what Voltages are at those levels, then manually set it and see if it can scale up. Some times too high of Voltage can cause problems too so be aware.

            Either XMP Profile can be used. Right now some testing is necessary to further isolate the issue.


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              Small update I went into bios set it to xmp1 and hit yes and it boots into windows, if I hit no and save and reboots it gives a 7F code error on the MB and a black screen. So I assume hitting no on the xmp 1 means I need to do other settings in bios before reboot. For now its on XMP 1 hit yes and in windows and ram shows 4266. I ran a 15min stress test in Real Bench and it passed. Not sure why it will fail if I run Intel Burn test maybe its just not updated to test this ram speed? Or I need to run a longer Real Bench stress test and will in a bit. For now I will take her into BFV and see what goes on fingers crossed for NO BSOD lol. In other news during the 15 min stress test in Real Bench my max cpu temp was 71c and it should be as this rig has 16 fans 8 push 8 pull.

              And as I got this typed the PC got a BSOD Stop code driver overran stack buffer, last thing installed on PC was a windows update KB4487044 so I uninstalled it and rebooted , during reboot BSOD stop code 0xcoooo21a made it back to windows and running windows scans now. It should be noted this PC did not have any BSOD until I put on XMP1 ug and just now another BSOD running windows scans stop code Memory Management so it looks like I cant even use my ram to its full speed without more setting done to voltage issue is I don't know what to set correct. Can anyone help me?


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                GSKILL TECH Thank you much for the post , this sec removed xmp and making sure pc is back stable it passed the windows scan and now running windows memory diagnostic tool just to be safe. As the last BSOD I WHEA_correctable error when I removed xmp from bios so went back into bios and put on my saved bios cfg as just setting it to Auto gave the BSOD I WHEA_correctable error. So thinking fragments still in bios from the xmp setting. Sadly setting Voltage is not something I know :/ So I would need someone to walk me though it once I am 100% sure the PC is stable again. I did not want to run memetest as it would take 7 or more hrs so using windows memory scan for now as its faster and last time I tested ram on memtest for 7hrs it passed. Every time I try to put this ram on XMP I get this crap so fully I do need to set voltage I just don't know how :/


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                  So like I said you need to try lower frequencies so we can get an idea of what may be causing the instability.. otherwise there's no way to know. Another test is attempting one module at a time to see if both can be stable. Only these types of testing results can help us narrow the issue at hand.


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                    Like I said I do not know what to set the volts to and exactly what I need to set. The ram in the past has been tested with no oc/ xmp on and it has passed memtest 8 hrs. The big issue is gskill has no write up to explain what to do to set this ram up on the new gen of mb and cpu.

                    I have tried so many ways to get this ram to take getting a weee bit fed up with it as I am just trying to get near the speeds I paid for. And its a full on head smash trying to get the correct settings for everything. This ram should work at 4266 with my mb and cpu as its in the MB and rams QVL just saying lol

                    EDIT ...
                    This sec I have it on .....

                    XMP2 and on 4000MHz
                    Ram voltage is set to 1.45 v
                    Dram voltage is set to 1.3 v
                    CPU system Agent is set to 1.3 v
                    In DRam timing control its on Maximus tweek 2
                    ram timings set to 17,18,38
                    Dram command rate set to 2N

                    Edit if it passes memtest86 tonight then I will up the ram to the next one in the AM and see if it can pass the tests.
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                      So GSkill will sell you a 4266 kit of ram then give zero support or info on its forums noted. Not everyone is a OC person GSkill at least give some info of steps to try some kind of written outline or guide?

                      Edit ....when I find the correct settings on another forum to get 4266 going stable I will come back and post the steps so it can help another. As the chances of help on this forum for anyone mm zero big wast of time.First and last time ever to buy Gskill This topic is case in point of the amazing support given.Example ... just depends on whether the rest of the system can support it...did you read my specs i9-9900k 1200 wt power supply, ROG Maximus XI Extreme, 16 fans in case 8push 8 pull I think my system can pull off 4266 ram speeds and my ram and mb is on each others QVL . This sec on my rig is testing the ram at 4266 I did not spend almost a grand on ram to run it below 4266.
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                        Last night I did pass a 13hr stress test using Karhu ram test so this is progress with this group of settings:}...
                        Passed 13 hr test
                        Set to Manual
                        Dram Frequency 4133MHz
                        Dram voltage 1.45v
                        CPU VCCIO Voltage 1.275v
                        CPU System Agent Voltage 1.325v
                        Dram timing control 18-18-18-38
                        Dram command rate set to 2N set dram current capability to 130%

                        So today back to working on 4266
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                          It should work with XMP alone if all the other hardware can do it. But DDR4-4266 is near the limits of the platform so sometimes it's not that easy and doesn't work with XMP alone. To determine the culprit, it is necessary test and see what may be causing a limitation. If it were as simple as posting a 1. 2. 3. guide, we surely would have but it's not. Each CPU IMC and other Voltages may need a slightly different value to be stable, and in some cases they may not stabilize DDR4-4266, so these are potential limitations.

                          Running at a lower frequency doesn't mean you should settle there, we simply need to test and see if results are consistent and maybe there is some limitation or issue with the memory chip. The only method for more detail is to run these tests, and it is the same thing we do if we are in your position.

                          As far as Voltages, it can vary, so trial and error testing is best to see what the system actually needs. The motherboard's set Voltage and operating Voltage can vary so it is recommended to test and see what is most stable. In many cases overVoltage can cause problems as well so extreme frequency can be quite sensitive. Also, if DDR4-4266 doesn't work for a single stick, most likely it won't work for two. Running DDR4-4133 is not ideal since you paid for DDR4-4266, but if the IMC is not capable there's nothing that can be done unless you want to try another CPU. We have to test hundreds of CPUs to find ones capable of DDR4-4000+

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                            Well for me xmp was fail after fail even with help from a guy into doing OC ram and or CPU. So today we did get it to 4266MHz and stable.
                            And I was told ... Use Karhu RamTest or HCI Memtest. Users should be pushing others away from stressing memory OC with Memtest86, as it's incapable of finding most instabilities on current platforms.

                            Edit... forgot to add this last night regarding Karhu RamTest for anyone who does use it if you run it past the 10000% mark like i tend to you can get a false error @ times but not always, so don't let it give you a heart attack like it did me last night lol. Just reboot PC run it again to be sure if you want :] I am not sure why it does this as heat on ram and cpu was the same both tests sadly I did not take a picture of the temps after first picture but I do know they never went past 48c on my ram. Most people don't run it for 6hr or more but I like to as it just screams I'm stable lol. From reading I did on it once you pass the 10000% you are more then stable on a game rig and I love this program

                            I liked the Karhu RamTest best was worth the money under $20.
                            So if you have my parts below this is well worth a try...
                            Intel I9 - 9900K
                            ROG Maximus XI Extreme
                            DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z RGB 4266Mhz 32GB [ F4-4266C17Q 32GTZR]
                            Tested Latency 17-18-18-38

                            So if anyone has my MB and Ram and CPU this is how we got my ram to 4266MHz

                            First I had to ditch bios 805 for what ever reason my rig hated it and we got no place with me on bios 805. I went to Bios 602 and my rig is way more happy and we started to get it working slow but sure.

                            Set to Manual OC
                            Dram Frequency 4266MHz
                            Dram voltage 1.45v
                            CPU VCCIO Voltage 1.25v
                            CPU System Agent Voltage 1.29v
                            Dram timing control 17-18-18-38
                            Dram command rate set to 2N set dram current capability to 130%

                            You can find dram current capability under
                            External Digi + Power Control

                            BTW my max ram temp 6hrs in of testing is 48c so pretty solid and I am very happy :]

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	temps.jpg Views:	1 Size:	209.8 KB ID:	161904 Click image for larger version  Name:	so pretty lol.jpg Views:	1 Size:	303.0 KB ID:	161903
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