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F4-3600C17Q-16GTZ and Z370 ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO Compatibility

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  • F4-3600C17Q-16GTZ and Z370 ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO Compatibility

    Hello there,

    I'm looking to change my memory kit and it seems like I decided to go with the F4-3600C17Q-16GTZ (4x4GB) kit. I just want to ask you if there will be any compatibility issue (i can see my motherboard on the ram's QVL) and anyone ones this kit and actually work on advertised speeds/latencies.

    Last but not least are these based on samsung b die chip?

    Kind regards & thanks in advance!

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    No problem, it is listed here:


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      Originally posted by GSKILL TECH View Post
      Thanks for the reply. Do I have to boost my VCCIO and VSA as well? I currently have them set at 1.1 each as stock are 1.3 which is very high imo


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        Just depends on system stability.. every CPU can slightly vary so the user should test to see what is most stable. It can also vary based on motherboard as the set Voltage and actual supplied Voltage can vary, so it's tricky to say how much or if you need to or not. That motherboard does keep it high to help with OC but if you want to lower it you need to test and see if it can be stable under load conditions.
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