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F4-3600C16D-16GTZR don't work on ASUS CH7 Hero WiFi

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  • F4-3600C16D-16GTZR don't work on ASUS CH7 Hero WiFi

    Hi there,
    Just got a kit of these RAM (F4-3600C16D-16GTZR) and I can't get them to work at full speed in my Asus CrossHair Hero VII WiFi mainboard.
    If I manually set the voltage to 1.4v I am able to set RAM speed till 3400MHz, higher speeds result in boot failures (classic RAM beeps).
    The CPU is an AMD Ryzen 2700x (no overclock), latest 1201 BIOS with quite everything set to "Auto", RAM sticks are in B2-A2 slots.
    Even @3400MHz I have random reboots in Windows 10 or games that go back to desktop.
    Can someone please help me?


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    Have you tried one at a time to see if you can reach 3600?

    Did you raise SoC Voltage any?

    Did you enable DOCP or use manual settings?


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      Tried step by step, no way above 3400.
      SoC voltage (as everything else) set on AUTO in BIOS.
      No DOCP and no manual setting, just AUTO everywhere.
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        Highest with a single module and both modules installed is 3400?

        You may want to adjust SOC Voltage to see what value works best for each setting. One method is to scale up from 2933 or 3200

        Let us know how it goes