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3D Graphic workstation Strategic Memory Upgrade Path (SMUP)

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  • 3D Graphic workstation Strategic Memory Upgrade Path (SMUP)

    Thanks for this opportunity for some clarity before I spend close to or more than $1000.00 on your Dram.

    Hey, I have to say I am very impressed by your company communication style. I appreciate the hard work you folks put into your QVL and the transparency of your sales approach. I am ready to pull the trigger on some ram for my new build. I have weighed my options and I want to use Gskill for this build. I just want to make sure I am getting the best flavor I can for my money.

    I do 3D graphics stuff. Between liquid particle simulation and level design, I work with huge mutable data sets every day. That means that I have always built somewhat serious machines. I do not play games more often than I make them. I am building a new tool. My needs are a bit different from the average user. For the last 20 years, I have looked at computers as software ecosystems that grow and evolve from fresh new workstation to old trusty render nodes.

    This is my first ryzen build:

    AMD - Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6GHz 8-Core Processor


    970 Pro 1.0TB M.2 x2


    And whole a pile of Gskill Dram??? Preferably from 32gb to 64GB over the next year as the machine pays for itself.

    My workflow makes huge demands on whatever hard ware I am using and frankly loves fast stable Dram. I plan to push my clocks as high as I can dead stable. Basically, I chose this motherboard because it’s loaded and has an second m.2 slot and its new clock speed tools…Also, It was built on the experience of the crosshair hero vi and the accumulated knowledge of the X370 chipset well after everything else in its class.

    Originally I was planning to get 64GB of DDR4 3200 14,14,14 34 (F4-3200C14D-32GTZKW) in two 32GB sets over a year thinking I could get speeds of 3200MHz. I have seen evidence of people having great luck with these 32GB kits getting 3200MHz stable out of the box using xmp setups on part picker and around the web. However, I have not seen any evidence of 64GB kits with the ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME or anything for that matter. Most people do not need 64GB of Dram. I always max out my memory eventually as my R.O.I levels out. So, my search began. I have been all over the forums asking and finally found. These guys almost get my work flow.

    Correct me if I am wrong! Though I may get 3200MHz with the Trident X with 32GB it is not likely across all 64GB. I am more likely to see 2400MHz after I fill all of four of my slots with 16GB Simms maybe 2660MHZ if I am lucky. I cannot afford to do that experiment but I if can at least get a solid workable 2933MHZ across 64GB I will happily buy it in two sets over the next 7 months.

    I am probably better off getting a AMD tuned 64GB 2400MHz kit and calling it a day. So now, I am looking at the Flare X series. Specifically the 2400MHz 64GB kits I have almost memorised your Qvl’s and copy. I see where my motherboard shows up. It is found on the F4-2400C16Q-64GFX Qvl and many others. I am considering these kits.

    Honestly though I have fixed my gaze on another kit. It is not in your QVL but it is Ryzen Dram and represents an attractive upgrade path for me.


    I see the ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO is listed but I am building with the ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME so I do not want to take for granted that it will work. However, I assume it should. I am hoping you can clear that up for me. I figure if this kit runs at 2933MHz with 32GB it will be worth it and I will not mind the cost of the speed drop when I grow my system to 64GB.

    I am of the mind of If I don.t ask I will never know. So I am asking.

    Constant System Parameters:

    AMD - Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6GHz 8-Core Processor


    970 Pro 1.0TB M.2 x2

    RADEON PRO WX 7100

    Here are the questions simplified:

    1. What happens when you put two kits of F4-3200C14D-32GTZKW into a ROG-CROSSHAIR-VI-EXTREME? For a total of 64GB. Will it run at 3200MHz? What kind of clock speeds will it get?

    2. What happens if I put One F4-2933C14D-16GFX kit on my ROG-CROSSHAIR-VI-EXTREME. For a total of 32GB. Will it run at 2933MHz

    3. What happens if I install two separate kits of F4-2933C14D-16GFX on my ROG-CROSSHAIR-VI-EXTREME? For a total of 64GB. Will it Run at 2933MHz? What kind of What kind of clock speeds will it get?

    4. Is there going to be a marked difference between installing two matching double 16GB kits for 64GB over time and installing one quad 16GB kit for 64GB all at once? What are the advantages? Are there any serious drawbacks?

    I thank you for your time and expertise in this matter and appreciate the consideration of my conundrum.

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    1. It is not guaranteed since we did not test them in that order from factory. Only complete kits that were matched and tested from factory can be guaranteed capable of the rated specs DDR4-3200 C14. ACtual results vary, some times it can work, other times it can run at a lower frequency, and in rare cases they just don't work together at all.

    2. That's a 16GB kit, so I assume you mean two kits for 32GB? Same applies as for Question #1 above.

    3. Same as above

    4. Yes, if the RAM is a matched set, you can expect the best results. Separate kits may not work well together at all, but the user must complete testing to find out.