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i7 7800k Z370 taichi G skill F4-360017Q-64GTZR problem

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  • i7 7800k Z370 taichi G skill F4-360017Q-64GTZR problem

    Well hello to everyone... i was hopping my first post to be with something else but I have to write about aproblem I have with my PC build.
    My setup is
    intel i7 8700K
    asrock taichi Z370 ( bios 1.30 )
    G skill F4-360017Q-64GTZR
    2 nvme samsung 960 PRO 512 Gb
    Evga GTX1080 FTW2
    EVGA PSU supernova 850 T2
    Noctua NH-D15s
    Phanteks enthoo pro Black
    CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD

    I seem to have a problem with my XMP profiles......or something that has to do with the ram.......
    Brand new kit.....when i don't have the XMP activated RAM runs at 2133 ( sees all of the memory 64 GB no problem every time ) the computer runs just hickups no problem at all.
    When I activate the XMP profile again no problem at reading all 64 Gb at the name speed of the kit 3600...........but I have serious stability screen for a second and then the image comes back on screen and crashing with no serious programm running on the back....
    I have a clean install of windows 10 pro, latest nvidia drivers, and a couple of benchmarking and monitoring programs.....Cynebench 15 / CPU-Z / HWINFO64 5.72 / crystal disk info / Ram Test / Memtest86 V7.5 / aura RGB and the precision XOC with Corsair utility for my K95 RGB.
    In Hwinfo64 at auto memory profile 2133 i see
    DRAM 1.368V
    VCCIO 0.960V
    VCCSA 1.072V

    When i load the xmp profile 3600 i see

    DRAM 1.368V
    VCCIO 1.216V
    VCCSA 1.272V

    I did a full scan with Memtest86 V7.5 and gave me 174 errors for the complete 64Gb of Ram with XMP on at 3600 ......21:20:30 full test 8 passes 87/96 tests passed with the HTML report saved!

    Since I'm new to this and all the programms i installed are all from the info i obtained from reading various forums......could someone help me by suggesting what might be wrong? Memory wise or anything else?

    Thank you for having the patience to read all this.....
    I'm a surveyor and I need this PC to work without any any help is good!!!!!!
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    Hi, hope I get this right since this is my first time attempting to assist.

    Step 1. Use the One Stick at a Time method. Pull all your memory and boot up with xmp enabled with one stick installed in the same slot each time. If all RAM fails to run stable, repeat in a different slot. If some RAM is stable but others are not, repeat with the bad ram in other slots. Keep this up until you can tell us which slots your ram is unstable on, which sticks of RAM are unstable and in which slots they were unstable. If it all runs fine individually then start trying it in pairs. If your problem comes down to, works perfect with two sticks, but not with four, then the answer is probably Step 2.

    Step 2. Verify your kit is on the QVL list for your motherboard. This should probably be step one, but honestly, just because the motherboard manufacturer and/or G.Skill didn't QVL your motherboard + RAM, doesn't mean that it won't work, its just not guaranteed and will require some trial and error to find the sweet spot in your settings.

    Step 3. If you have bad RAM, or bad RAM slots on the motherboard, start RMA. Get replacements asap while everything is still under warranty.


    PS. I think your kit model number is actually F4-3600C17Q-64GTZR, and did you upgrade the CPU from when you first posted this?


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      Memory is in QVL for both Asrock and G.Skill

      Will try single sticks...... but with the Nostua is a pain in the @ss........

      Yep the C is included......
      no CPU upgrade...( do you mean something like delid? or the description? I originally had written 65 Gb ...... and then added that the test with memtest86 was with xmp on with the bold letters....)
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        Yah, your description says i7 7800k, but then your setup says intel i7 8700K, figured one was a typo.


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          Oh! you're right!!!!!! Didn't see it thanks!!!! it's a i7 8700K just a typo.......


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            Well after some advice from central.....I did a Cmos clear and entered the timings for the Ram manualy.........
            It has been running smooth until now......
            What i found out was that i had deactivated C states from the beggining of the build since all I read was that they were better off deactivated.
            Now they are problem until now and I hope it stays that way for a long long time......
            Thanks for the reply and if anything changes I will notify!


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              Well seems the problem is still present.......after pulling some PUBG hours on the PC I had several crashes with the 3600 profile on the Ram......within 4 hours.......reducing timing to minimum 2133 all seems to be stable at least with what has to do with the game.....9 hours gaming 0 issues.................