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GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 + G.Skill 4gb DDR4-3866x4.What cpu do I need?

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  • GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 + G.Skill 4gb DDR4-3866x4.What cpu do I need?

    I'm currently using an Intel i.5 6500 but that will only run the 16gb's of memory at 2133. As I now know that this memory needs a compatible cpu to reach the top speed, the big question is which one. Intel seems to have zero info regarding compatability with ram over the base 2133. So I get the feeling 3866 is more of an overclocking thing. The list on these forums says:
    "Required CPU VCCIO Voltage range" = 1.15V ~ 1.30V &
    "Required CPU System Agent Voltage range" = 1.20V ~ 1.30V.
    But I can't find anything that tells me which cpu's can handle this.
    So I guess I'm wondering what the lowest end i.5 or i.7 that can run this build at 3866. Preferably with XMP settings.
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    In most cases it is the top 2 CPUs of a generation, but even so, 3866 is not guaranteed especially for Z170, It progressively increases with Z270 and Z370.

    i5-6600K, i7-6700K, i7-7700K

    The same exact model CPU can have different results, so it is up to the user to test and see what the one they have in hand can do. aka silicon lottery


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      I set it at 3200 today and its running stable with my i5 6500 so i'm gonna call that a win. 18 22 22 42 1.3v

      I wanted to run it at 1.35v which is what the packaging says but my options in bios were 1.34 or 1.36 and I figured i'd only need to try those out if I was going for full overclock @3866.

      Anyway, 4 sticks of 4gb ddr4 running @3200mhz with a locked i5 is pretty good all things considered. I suppose I can thank my motherboard for that.


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        I had several Gigabyte Z170 models and most of them topped out at DDR4-3600/3733 with XMP-auto settings. The memory training couldn't handle higher memory ratios without going full manual settings. The unlocked CPUs usually have pretty decent memory controllers, but if you are lucky even the locked models can hit DDR4-4000+.

        Try enabling the XMP, the manually lowering the memory ratio step by step until you can successfully POST. Then do some quick stability tests and tighten the timings if you are optimizing for performance. I probably have a screenshot with Aida64 memory benchmark and timings for comparison of whatever ratio and timings you end up.
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