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  • Newbie question about profiles

    I got TridentZ RAM @ 4600 (F4-4600C19D-16GTZKKC) and I'm trying to run it on a HP board. The CPU is i7 - 7700k.

    I want to try and run it at 3200 or 3000.

    Seems the only application that gives me access to the RAM profiles is Intel Extreme as there is nothing about RAM in the HP's BIOS and tools. I tried to create a custom profile using the values of the XMP profile but with a smaller Memory multiplier but couldn't make it work.

    So the question is can I make those sticks run at 3k or 3.2k or do I need to buy another RAM that is advertised at those values. Or is there something with this board that will make it impossible to run RAM faster than 2400?

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    It is a locked motherboard, HP does not want you to OC. It is the reason why people custom build computers so they can break out of that 2400 and get much better performance.

    Currently, only the AsRock X299 OC Formula is fully capable of that memory kit


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      So I got another RAM to try. This time at 3000Mhz. Installed and applied the XMP profile with Intel Extreme. Now CPU-Z and Speccy recognize it - they show 1467. But Windows does not - both the CMD command and the Task Manager show 2133MHz. Not sure who to believe.


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        CPU-Z memory tab DRAM frequency is very reliable.

        Some apps report max bandwidth instead of the actual memory frequency, which is based on the fastest available standard memory profile* programmed in the SPD.

        *ignoring available extended profiles (XMP)
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          If XMP can be supported, you will need to test and see what it can support. It won't be near DDR4-4000, but DDR4-3000 is pretty good for a HP computer.